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Nov 12, 2012 6:00am EST
the equivalent of nbc, abc and cbs combined in mexico, fantastic guy and great creative leader, there's nobody better in this business than what les has done at cbs and steve burke doing a great job at nbc universal and bob eiger. you have great people running the broadcast networks, facing an issue, viewership is changing and this is where i think it's an advantage for us. people watch broadcast networks for shows and people watch cable networks because they like the brand and they feel that that channels where they want to hang around. discovery on friday night we're the number one network in america for men. we even beat the broadcasters with "gold rush" and "jungle gold." if you ask people why they turn to discovery they get home, have dinner with their kids and then what do they want to watch? they don't turn to us for a show, they turn to us because they feel like that's my channel, same for tlc, on friday nights with women, we're number one and we're also number one on sunday nights with women. if you ask our audience, when you watch tlc, name the shows you're watching. they can name on
Nov 11, 2012 11:00pm EST
've checked into this hotel under a fictitious name, cb and associates. to prevent a run on the bank, they don't want anyone to know who they are or why they're here. >> you all know that this is for the closing of heritage community bank. >> cheryl bates and arthur cook are in charge of the operation that has been given the code name "happy." strange, considering what they're about to do. >> do not discuss outside of this room what is going on, what we're here for. >> they're here to seize all five branches of heritage community bank, a 40-year-old illinois bank providing savings, student loans, mortgages, and checking. but like so many others recently, heritage made ruinous bets on real estate. sheila bair is chairman of the f.d.i.c. i wonder if you have a number in mind of how much the f.d.i.c. is prepared to pay for bank failures in 2009. >> well, we make a five-year projection that for the next five years we project that we'll lose $65 billion on bank closings. >> $65 billion? >> $65 billion. >> some of that was about to be spent on the immanent failure of heritage community bank. it held
Nov 8, 2012 9:00am EST
, also delivered. cbs delivered. disney could deliver. there's something about the industry. news corp. delivered and attracting really good executives. very positive. >> absolutely. when we come back this morning, qualcomm with a lift of better than expected numbers, upbeat guidance. the chairman and ceo paul jacobs. a sense of what's working for them and where the iphone 5 fits in. >>> also, this nor'easter and they named. we don't know why. dumping heavy, wet snow on the same region reeling from sandy. 5.7 inches of snow in newark. that is the most for november, a single day ever. unbelievable. we'll look at this storm's impact coming up. another look at futuring struggling to find stability after yesterday. we'll see how we do when "squawk on the street" comes back. up. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on fl
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3